Frequently Asked Questions was created to provide a simple and convenient online platform for owners and renters of short- and long-term kosher apartments in all areas of Jerusalem, Israel. is essentially a meeting point for Jerusalem apartment owners and renters. The site is setup to provide a lot of detail about advertised apartments, and offers relevant and up-to-date pricing, availability, and contact information. The goal is to facilitate apartment rentals that are negotiated directly and expediently between owner and renter, with transparency and ease.

Simply enter the details of the rental category (i.e., short term, long term, etc.), neighborhood, and dates required, at the top of the homepage. Relevant apartments will display as a list on the initial results page, along with daily rates for price comparison purposes. These results may be narrowed down further by taking advantage of the many filter options available. Then click on any apartment that appears relevant, and you will be provided with a detailed description of the apartment as well as pricing, availability, and owner contact info.

In order to cover the various types of Jerusalem rentals, has innovatively added four rental categories: Short Term, Long Term, Sukkos, and Pesach. Apartments may be listed in one or all of the above categories. More details are provided during the listing process to assist users in deciding which category is best for a particular apartment rental.

There is absolutely no cost associated with using to find a Dira that fits your criteria. We strongly believe that residents and visitors to Jerusalem should get all relevant information regarding apartment rentals including all contact information – absolutely free.

Apartments can be listed by registering on, and then following user-friendly steps to adding a listing. The simplest way to begin the process is by clicking on the orange List My Dira tab on the top right corner of the every page.

Listing an apartment on involves a listing fee. Short Term rentals are charges a monthly fee while Long Term listings are charged weekly and Sukkos / Pesach listings have a one time seasonal fee. offers an option to feature and/or highlight listings to help them achieve increased exposure. For more pricing details please refer to the List Your Dira section of the website or feel free to contact us at

Simply log into your account and you will be redirected to the My Account section on the site. Click on the View Listings tab and you will see your listing/s display on the left side of the page. Each listing has an edit button on the top right side which allows editing all details of the listing as well as photos – just make sure to click on the save changes button and your listing will now display updated with all new changes.

Listing on involves a commitment not to charge Tivuch (agent fees) for any apartment rented out through Since rentals are not negotiated and finalized on the actual website, cannot guarantee that this commitment will be honored 100% of the time. If abuse of this agreement is experienced or suspected, please contact so that necessary action may be taken.

Negotiation and finalization of all rentals takes place directly between owner and renter. It is not conducted on the website. is solely an information provider and does not get involved in the actual negotiation or finalization of rentals.

Apartments listed on are required to have a permanently kosher kitchen. Since does not independently verify the kashrus of kitchens, we respectfully ask all homeowners/listers to refrain from listing any apartment that does not have a permanently kosher kitchen.

It is the policy of to list only apartments that have a confirmed kosher kitchen. Understandably, cannot guarantee that apartments listed on the site indeed have a kosher kitchen as advertised. Additionally, there are varying standards of kashrus. therefor does not assume responsibility for the kashrus – or standard thereof – of any kitchen in apartments listed on We strongly encourage all apartment seekers to confirm with apartment owners that their individual kashrus needs can and will be met.

In order to maximise the appeal of apartments and increase transparency, requires a minimum of five pictures per listing. If you have no way to take pictures of your apartment, an attempt will be made by to provide an in-house professional photographer. This service will incur a fee. Please contact for further details.

Please feel free to contact us. Our dedicated team of customer service representatives will be happy to help you find a dira that fits your needs. We can also notify you of new listings that fit your criteria when they become available.