About JDira.com

Did you ever imagine that renting a kosher apartment in Jerusalem could be quick,
painless, and Tivuch-free? Well, it's like they say,
"The proof is in the pudding." And the pudding is, (drumroll please) . . .

JDira.com is an innovative, online apartment rental platform for kosher apartment owners and renters in all neighborhoods across Jerusalem. From the comfort of your London lodge or Brooklyn basement, your Woodmere work-station or Joburg joint, thanks to JDira.com, listing and searching for kosher apartments in Jerusalem can now be conducted nightmare-free, with ease, confidence, and peace of mind.
Unlike some other large websites that may feature Jerusalem apartment and vacation rentals, JDira.com features both short and long term listings; we cater to the unique needs of the kashrus and Shabbos-observing public; and we possess an intimate understanding of the specific needs of the different communities and populations in beautiful Jerusalem.
JDira.com provides a meeting point between owner and renter, and promotes direct communication in the negotiation and finalization of apartment rentals. This helps avoid steep and unnecessary Tivuch fees, and reduces the time-loss and miscommunications often generated by middlemen or agents.

At JDira.com
we make sure that our valued users are enjoying a successful and positive experience - what we like to call

Those searching for an apartment can expect full details, high-definition pictures, location maps, and up-to-date availability, pricing, and contact information. Apartments are listed in one or more of four distinct and intuitive categories: Short Term, Long Term, Sukkos, and Pesach. Searches can be narrowed down to a user’s specific requirements by utilizing the multiple filters available on the JDira.com search pages.
Apartment listers can take advantage of a sophisticated My Account section where many tasks can be accomplished- including, editing existing listings, adding new ones, updating the availability calendar, and viewing profile and account details.

Last, but not least, JDira.com has an accessible and dedicated customer service team providing high-quality personal assistance in all aspects of the listing and search process. Real human beings are hard at work every day at JDira.com making sure that our valued users are enjoying a successful and positive experience – what we like to call, “The JDira.com experience”!